Saturday, August 05, 2006

Five Sixteen

On to other things:

Books for the fall semester, if purchased at the bookstore, will cost roughly $500. This is why I never buy from the bookstore. Sure, I know they need business and I of course want to support the Lutheran bookstore, but c'mon. . .I don't care what shape a book is in--as long as it's readable, I'll use it. So I don't need a brand new book. And I definitely don't need a $50 new book. This is why I use for all of my textbook purchases. I've already ordered half of my books for less than $100. Yessss. The only thing that sucks is paying for shipping, but it's still way cheaper than buying at the bookstore. There are so many books in this world that have been used only once or twice, and these will work perfectly for my purposes here. I think the people at the bookstore get a little peeved when I walk in and begin writing all of the textbook names and authors down on my little list. . .they know what I'm up to. But a consumer has the right to choose where she's going to buy her books, now, doesn't she?

I have a few weeks before the fall semester starts and about a month until I plan to start working (location TBD). I've never worked off-campus while going to school. In college, I was an RA, which was a wonderful job because I never left campus for 'work.' And don't get me wrong--it was definitely work. But fun work. And work that didn't really mess with my schedule all that much. Now I'm sending my resume off for part-time positions in the area, and I'm not sure how working while going to grad school full-time will fly. But I honestly have no choice if I'm going to have any spending money whatsoever. We'll see. . .

All I can say is, I really miss regular paychecks. Life is so different when you have to think carefully about whether or not you can afford to make a run to Wendy's for dinner. . . :)

It's raining and I plan to sit at the dining room table and translate Bible passages all afternoon. And the crazy thing is, this sounds like fun to me! What a nerd. :) I went out last night with some peeps from seminary and had a blast. I'm glad I decided to do that--I'm usually one who prefers quiet nights at home to going out, but I needed to get out last night.

Okay, enough. Have a good evenin', friends!


Anonymous Lizzie said...

So I bought Josh Ritter's album on iTunes and I LOVE IT. Thanks for introducing me. :)

And also, hi how are you?

4:19 PM  
Blogger trishy said...

Miss you!! My mom is in town right now, so I'll call you later in the week when she is gone.

Still thinking about coming labor day? Since mom has been here, we've really gotten my place spruced up :)

Love you!!!!!!

7:40 PM  

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