Friday, June 23, 2006

So Long

Yay! I have the internet in my apartment! I am a happy camper. . .or happy seminarian. . .whatever.

I just dropped Em off at the Charlotte airport and was fighting back tears as I hugged her goodbye. What a sap, I know. We just had a blast this week, and I have no more visitors from Texas for a while. I won't see Emily til Christmas, which is really weird. We've never gone that long without seeing each other, I don't think. It's kinda like she symbolizes a lot of what home means to me. Em's always been there for me, and her visits have always been easier and a lot more frequent than they will be now. . .

But I'm not going to wallow in my sorrows because it's not like we don't have the phone and e-mail. I'm so thankful for her friendship--since 6th grade! This girl is a friend for life. We've stuck by each other through junior high, high school and college. . .we've suffered thru horrible relationships and celebrated the wonderful ones. . .we've grown up, but not apart. And the best part is, we laugh pretty much all the time. I love mi mejor amiga!

I noticed that I have a "Texas ego" that shows itself when I have people visiting from Texas. Em and I were laughing yesterday because we went to the state capital building here and I kept talking about the Texas Capital and how it's so much bigger and better. What a Texas nerd! I guess you don't realize how much Texas pride you have until you leave.

I've decided that Charleston is definitely a place I will be taking friends who come visit. It's way cooler than Columbia, and it's only an hour and a half away! Em and I went there for a day, and it's got the beach plus a bunch of historical stuff. Very cool.

I start Greek on Monday. For now, I'm going to take a nap and finish decorating my apartment. I don't know how regular my posts will be from now on, but I'm going to try to keep this up. It's been too fun to let go, even if no one reads it. . .


Monday, June 19, 2006

I Have Arrived

No internet in the apartment yet, but soon. I've been finding my way to the necessary locations (i.e., Starbucks) and spending the night on my air mattress in the middle of the living room. :) Moving--ain't nothin' like it.

I spent four lovely days with Rob, which definitely was a nice distraction from my boring, empty apartment. It's also not as fun when you don't know anyone on campus. In a few weeks, I think things will be a lot different. I just don't know anyone yet. And I don't have the internet yet. I should be okay without the internet, I really should. But what can I say? I'm not. :)

Hope all is well everywhere else. Stay cool.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's the Little Things. . .

I went to see Becky yesterday, who is up here in Arlington with some of her middle school kids. She had told them I was coming, so when I walked into the hotel pool area, they all yelled, "HI LAUREN!!" I immediately thought, "This is the kind of stuff I'm going to miss." It'll be a long time before I hear kids yell my name in that we're-excited-you're-here kinda way. And even when I do again, it won't be quite the same as when the SOTH kids yelled it. I was loved just because I'm me. There aren't a lot of relationships here on earth that are that genuine.

It's the little things. Yesterday, I told my dad that "my kids" are going to camp next week. . .then I stopped and realized that they're going with Mark, not me. They're not "my kids" anymore. Youth ministers always refer to the kids at church as their kids. And I can't anymore. It might sound ridiculous to be sad about, but that realization made me pretty depressed for a bit.

It still feels like I'll be headed back to work next week. It doesn't feel like it's over. But it is. And I'm excited about what lies ahead. But I have a feeling that little things will pop up every now and then that will remind me why it was so hard to say goodbye.

And of course, leaving Becky last night was hard, too. I will miss laying around and chatting about all sorts of things. . .she's precious to me. It still doesn't feel like we won't have that time anymore. I will not see her until sometime this fall. That is too weird.

Sorry if my blog feels sad and depressing lately. But life is in transition right now and I'm reflecting on it.

I'm gonna go take a shower and spend some time reading by the pool! Time to get out of the house and relax. . .

Monday, June 05, 2006


Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life. I usually make fun when other people say that kind of stuff, because really--was it actually, out of all the days of your life, one of the hardest?

Yes, it was. Saying goodbye to another family, a place I've called home. . .it's rough stuff.

But a new part of life awaits me. . .so here goes!

Oh, I cut my first record this weekend. hee hee--I just like to talk like a rockstar. I'm really not. But check out my new MySpace music page if you're interested!

Love to all.