Thursday, April 06, 2006


I've been a slacker with posting. . .not cool, Lorena, not cool.

Leah and I are officially hooked on Sex & the City. We've been renting each season one at a time since we never watched the show before. I think I want to name one of my daughters Charlotte. Oh, and I had a dream last night that Samantha and I had a cocktail together. It was fun.

I had my candidacy interview this past Saturday in which the synodical committee decided whether or not I would be a good pastoral candidate in the Lutheran Church. They said "yes." I am now officially Entranced. Sounds kinda funny. That interview was hard, man. Really hard. I had two hardcore theologians on my panel (one was a prof of mine in college) who asked tough questions. . .which is good, I like to be challenged. But hard. I'm glad they saw that, despite my struggles to answer their questions, I really do feel called to do this.

I'm going to the other A-town this weekend for the last time while I still live in TX. Sadness! My brother is married now, so all four (now five with the daughter-in-law!) kids will be home. Mom will be content. :) Em and I will of course have some BFF time, as well. Should be a good weekend. I wonder if it'll be warm enough to swim? I guess the more important question is if Mom and Dad have had their pools cleaned since winter. . .

Take care, all.

Choose the one who loves you more. . .


Blogger Emily said...

Hmmm, the pool was not clean, but someone OBVIOUSLY found it warm enough to swim...craziness and definitely not PG! ;-)

9:18 AM  
Blogger Me Over Here said...

Congrats, and see you soon, Twinny!

9:53 PM  

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