Friday, March 24, 2006


*I think it's funny that several friends from college call me LD (it'd be fun to spell it out phonetically-- El'dee). Court's mom even asks her, "How's LD?" I think it's cute.

*I saw my first green worm of the spring this morning when Leah and I were running! I hate these things. Hate them. They suspend from oak trees during the springtime, hanging on pieces of silk or whatever, and they get stuck on you when you walk or run past them. In springs past, I've seen them stuck all over the outside of my car, stuck on my clothes, and there was even one crawling on Em's neck once when she came to visit! We were pretty grossed out. Ew ew ew ew. I had never seen them before I moved to Austin, and I will say with confidence that this is one part of Austin that I will not miss.

*I'm still not feeling quite "caught-up" with life following the Mexico trip. Silly me for thinking that once that trip was over, life would be smooth sailing! :) Who am I kidding? It's spring, the season that is famous for being the busiest time of year. I know the holidays are busy, too, but sometimes I think spring might be even busier.

*Janie bought me a North Carolina/South Carolina map as well as a Georgia, NC, and SC Tourbook from AAA! I'm excited. Lots of stuff to see and do--friends, start planning your trips to visit me now! :)

*I have several going-away events already on my calendar. I never knew leaving Texas would spark such a need for numerous parties, but how silly I was! Of course we need to say goodbye properly. Some youth minister friends of mine just planned a Happy Hour at Baby A's (I've never had their margaritas, which are made with Everclear and very strong. . .so I said we must go there before I leave), a group of college friends (and Em and Leah) and I are going to Port A for a weekend in May, and there are many people I need to see one last time (*sniff*) in the two and a half months I have left in the Lone Star State.

Man, this is real, isn't it? Dang.

Lots of love to you all. Have a bodacious weekend.


*Leah has a crush on her bald African-American bus driver. She told me all the juicy details about him last night. *Giggle!*

*I've had random songs stuck in my head every morning this week, including Michelle Smiling performed by Uncle Jessie on Full House and Lionel Richie's All Night Long. As is usual with stuck-in-your-head songs, I'll burst out in them without even meaning to while I'm getting ready for work. . .and five minutes later, Leah will burst out in them, followed by a loud, "Damn it, Lauren, why'd you get that stuck in my head?!" I just love being annoying. ;)


Blogger Chris said...

I thought I had a song stuck in my head earlier,

but it just turned out to be a piece of popcorn stuck between my teeth.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

Ummm... thanks for sharing my embarassing green worm moment - ew, ew, ew! Maybe I won't go to Austin after all to say goodbye to you; I'd hate to have a repeat... lol!

8:35 AM  

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