Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's Been Too Long

Highlights from my weekend:

--> Trish's visit was a fabulous one, indeed. We laughed a lot--no surprise there. We came up with the brilliant idea of hosting a New Year's Eve Par-tay at my house with live entertainment (hopefully). The only thing I've wondered lately is whether or not I need to obtain a noise permit if we're going to have a band in our backyard. Hmmm. . .

One of the lasting impressions of Trish's visit involves another member of our household: Our other cat (Courtney's cat--I feel I must distinguish them because Simon (mine) is the best cat ever and can do no wrong) has been without a formal name since September. You can do that with cats, you know. It's easy to just call her "Kitty," although the most common names out of our mouths have been "Annoying Cat," "Stupid Annoying Cat," or other choice words following her latest annoying behaviors. But Trish took pity on Annoying Cat and deemed her Sandwich. I won't go into detail (because I don't even think I remember the whole story), but for some reason in college, we had a joke about a sandwich. Trish looked at the cat, called her Sandwich, and it stuck. We call her Sandy for short. But mostly Sandwich because it's cool. And we all agree, the name couldn't be more perfect. (BTW, Trishy-- Court said it's the only name that someone else has come up with that she's actually used more than once when referring to her cat. . .now that's impressive.)

--> Saturday I went to Gruene for some fun small-town Christmas shopping (and wine tasting) with (who else?) Miriam! I love the market days in Gruene. . .heck, I just love Gruene! It's places and times like that that I will totally miss when I'm out of Texas. :(

--> Jeremy came over Saturday evening to hang out with me and Leah. He was "kicked out" of his house since his parents were having friends over for dinner. So he called me and I told him to bring some movies and we'd order Chinese. And that we did. We watched Team America and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle: two movies about which any friend of mine would say, "Lauren, those movies embody everything that is completely opposite of you. And you mean to tell me you enjoy them??" Why yes, for some crazy reason, I do. I crack up laughing. I feel weird and terrible for doing so. But I crack up laughing. *sigh* Good times, good times.

--> Today was the first Sunday I'd been at my church in a month. All this traveling has caused people to jokingly inquire whether or not I am still employed there. :) It was such a joy to be there today, to be back in the "routine" with the kids again. I didn't quite realize how much I'd missed them until I was greeted by them today. I played my flute this morning and people clapped! In the middle of the service! So sweet (and funny!). And for some reason, I've been speaking in a British accent a lot lately. . .but only at church. . .and only specifically with Brian, one of my kids. Every time I see him, I burst out in it. No idea why. But it makes me him laugh (and probably wonder why his youth minister is such a freak!), and I enjoy it. We talked about the season of Advent with the high school group tonight. Very cool thoughts from them. I truly missed their witty comments and silliness--I laugh so much when I'm with them. What a cool job I have!

Time for beddy bed. Hugs to all--have a marvelous week!

The world is not as just, not as loving, not as whole as we know it can and should be. But the coming of Christ and his presence among us—as one of us—give us reason to live in hope: that light will shatter the darkness, that we can be liberated from our fears and prejudices, that we are never alone or abandoned.
~some website I found with cool Advent quotes :)


Blogger Me Over Here said...

About the invite--See your post concerning the party.

Cats--Never really liked them, but feel I may have to start b/c 1.) I'm lonely and can't afford a dog and 2.) My Brit loves 'em.

Gruene--Spent many Tuesday nights there for Two Tons Tuesdays, dancing to Two Tons of Steel and wishing the nights would never end. I freaking love it there, and am thinking about taking Huw to see it.

Movies you hate to love--Felt the same way about Southpark the movie. Laughed, then apologized for God for doing so ;-)

Coming home--Glad you're back there.

9:39 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

I love clapping in Lutheran churches. It cracks me up, because we're always so awkward about it. Everyone looks around, as if they're thinking, "Are we supposed to be clapping in church?" Totally unlike the Baptist church, where clapping is completely acceptable and encouraged.

So I'm impressed that your flute-playing elicited applause in church... that's a big deal!! :)

7:21 AM  
Blogger Rob West said...

I love South Park and Team America.

They remind me not to be an idiot. The politics they portray are always so great. They bring in some annoying guy to present his side of the issue, and I find myself thinking, "hey, those are MY arguments! Jeez, do I sound like that much of an idiot when I say that?"

It reminds me that usually neither side of the argument makes that much sense, and that I could usually stand to take things a little less seriously.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

yep, that's how I feel, too. I love how Team America shows ALL sides being completely ridiculous, but somehow still manages to end with a good message. Very clever. I mean, the last speech in that movie (the philosophy of different body parts) is genius. :)

8:45 AM  
Blogger trishy said...

Super Fantastic and Fun weekend, my dear Lauren. I love lunches with friends, fun "home" movies, Vespers, silly girl talk, and palets on the floor! Can't wait for New Year's. You can finally meet my groom.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Becky said...

I'm so glad that you two had a grea time together. Sorry I missed Friday lunch, but I'm pretty sure I was shopping then. I got lots done.
I'm glad we got to hang out Thursday night Lauren, your table looks great!!

11:34 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Your cat had the same name as mine! "Stupid cat!"

And this is long after I named her Mu! In fact, I'm quite sure the vet formally recognizes her as Stupid Cat too.

2:29 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

You know what...I totally get the same responses about what movies I like.
The first time I saw Team America I thought it was not funny, but I think that's because I was watching it with Matt and wasn't really concentrating on the movie, but when I watched it this summer at chrysalis it was so much better because then you got to do all the little inside jokes with the staff and stuff. Good times.

9:46 AM  

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