Thursday, October 20, 2005

Not There Yet

I'm getting a little anxious about Guatemala. We leave a week from today--as in, this time next week I'll be there. It's crazy. And it's not like I haven't ever been out of the country before. But this is definitely different for me. I think I'm nervous for several reasons: 1) I have a lot to do and 10 days away from all that stuff just makes it scary to come back to (response to this complaint could be, "10 days away from all that stuff gives me a break from it, too!!"); 2) I can get scared when I travel--mainly about my health. I get nervous about what to eat, what not to eat, did I just swallow some water accidentally?, etc. ha ha; 3) I hate packing. And I still have things to round up next week. At least Steve is going with me to help me out.

Okay, so there we have it. I'm nervous/anxious/scared about the trip. But at the same time, I cannot wait to talk to the people, take pictures and bring home stories, practice my (little) Spanish, and learn about another place in God's world. Steve says that we might not have much to do in the way of physical projects while we're there, so it might even be a relaxing time to take a book, sit outside and read it! I love it when I have time to really read. I don't make enough time for it in my daily life.

Please say prayers for our trip--not just for us, but also for the people who we will meet.

It's so fun to think about the fact that there are people out there I haven't even met yet who very well may become hugely important to who I am after the trip. . .there are more pieces to my puzzle out there (reference to recent entry entitled "Puzzle")!

I'm out. Off to SA tomorrow evening to hang with John and Marcy--sooo excited to see them! Saturday night is bowling with the middle school kids--maybe I can beat my most recent score of 121. :) I'm taking Monday off to chill. . .and shop for Guatemela. . .and I'll most likely work a bit from home. . .just can't escape it.

Love to all. Peace.

Everyone around us screams, "It's got to be and it's got to hit you."
Well, you and me, well we can change the world.


Blogger Me Over Here said...

Except for the youth minister part, I swear I was reading my own description when viewing yours.

God bless you on your trip.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous sarah l. said...

HA.. my most recent bowling average is 81. Meaning, I bowled some games WORSE than that...

At any rate... enjoy your trip, I'm sure it will be amazing!!

10:08 AM  
Anonymous katie said...

hello my beautiful lauren...i saw you online, stumbled into your blog and was reminded of the amazing imprint you left on my life those few short summers ago. i miss you! it sounds like God continues to bless you mightily. I'll be praying for you! i was recently exposed to a song by bowling for soup called "come back to texas" only i wish the words were "come back to minnesota" because it fits you perfectly! God Bless!

8:10 PM  
Blogger InHisGlory said...

Wow!!! I actually found someone who posts on their journal just as much as I do! to catch up to speed, I too love bubble baths (just took an hour and a half long one last night in fact), I TOTALLY miss HS band! Performing at halftime, dancing to cadences in the stands, having to switch back and forth between two instruments all night! (this is not as easy as it may sound!), etc...

Totally agree with the puzzle thing! Only there are pieces of the puzzle I wish that I could make fit permanently, but they just didn't work.

Hope you have an AMAZING time on your trip!!! I expect pictures!

11:15 PM  

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