Sunday, September 18, 2005


Trena's here! Woo-hoo! And Court moved in for good this weekend, though I have yet to actually see her for more than 10 minutes. . .she'll be spending her first night with us tonight and I'm excited. :)

Lutherstock was today and it was way fun. Got a bit sunburned, but whatever. Good bands, good fellowship, good food. . .it's a good day. And. . .ACL next weekend!! Marissa and Liz are coming down, as well as a couple of Leah's friends, so the house will be packed with people. That's exciting because, after all, what's a house for but to share it with visitors??

I'm exhausted. With the lock-in and Lutherstock this weekend, I feel like I've been going non-stop. And tomorrow, even though I'm off from work, I still have work to get done out of the office. What a joy! :)

I like e-mail theology discussions. They're fun.

Take care, friends.


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