Saturday, September 17, 2005

Of course

Of COURSE every guy I happen to meet recently who I'm the slightest bit intrigued by is dating a gorgeous and wonderful girl, engaged to a gorgeous and wonderful girl, likes some other gorgeous and wonderful girl, isn't interested in this gorgeous and wonderful girl!

Of course.

I'm not desperate, lest the reader think that a relationship is all I'm after. And I'm truly not sad about this because how can I be sad for people who have found something that makes them so obviously happy? I'm just pondering how very single I'm feeling lately. Do you ever have some moments (days, weeks, however long) when you happen to notice things that were probaby already in front of you, but at this particular moment in time, they seem magnified by 100 so that you're constantly aware of them? For me, right now, I feel surrounded by happy couples. Couples who have sweet little secrets and jokes that only they understand. Couples who are so. . .happy. And it's great! I'm honestly not bitter at all. I just sometimes feel so. . .small. . .in the middle of it all. But I've come to the conclusion that God has some interesting things to show me. And dating is NOT in the picture right now. It's just not. But even when you know that, it doesn't take away the desire inside nor the many glimpses of couplehood all around you. :)

In other news, as expected, my body clock is all out of whack today due to the lock-in last night. And so I'm feeling kinda weird right now. My musings above probably come from some crazy afternoon dream I just woke from. . .

Mom and Mike are on their way over to visit and I need to take a shower! Have a good evening. Love to all.

Our love of course seemed to us a miracle. First love always does. . .and it is a miracle, an unbelievable miracle, just as every springtime of the earth is a miracle.
~Sheldon Vanauken


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