Monday, September 19, 2005

10 Favorites...
Favorite Color: blue
Favorite Food: mmm. . .I'm not a picky eater--I love steak and Mexican food
Favorite Hobby: anything music. . .playing, writing, singing, whatever
Favorite Movie: Love Actually
Favorite Sport: tennis
Favorite Season: fall
Favorite Day Of the Week: Friday
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: mint chocolate chip or Chocolate Cheesecake @ Amy's
Favorite Time of Day: after work on the days I don't have anything to do but CHILL

9 Currents...
Current Mood: content
Current Taste: bar-b-que potato chips
Current Clothes: bermuda shorts and a thrift store t-shirt
Current Desktop Picture: a rose from Miriam's front yard
Current Time: 5:56 pm
Current Surroundings: my bedroom
Current Annoyance(s): I need to clean my house. Why can't houses clean themselves?
Current Thought: What do I want for dinner?

8 Firsts...
First Best Friend: Tanya Ramsey
First Screen Name: laurenfro
First Pet: cats, Muffin and Sheba
First Piercing: ears (I had to wait until I was 12!)
First Crush: gosh, I've always been so boy-crazy. . .who was the very first? I'd have to say Daniel Carpenter in kindergarten. I got in trouble with the teacher for trying to be next to him all the time in class. What a silly little girl!
First Music or Group You Remember Hearing: well, my first favorite band was Oasis, so that'll be my answer

7 Lasts...
Last Cigarette: soph year of college when I TRIED (at Court's encouragement) a vanilla cig. . .no way will I ever be a smoker
Last Drink: water
Last Car Ride: a few hours ago
Last Kiss: about a month ago
Last Movie Watched: The Wedding Singer last night--cute cute
Last CD Played: Jimmy Eat World, Futures

6 Have You Ever....
Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: um, I would say so.
Have You Ever Broken the Law: I've broken the speed limit
Have You Ever Been Arrested: no
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: yes yes! but only with girls
Have You Ever Been on TV: hmmm, not sure
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: no

5 Places You've Been TODAY...
1. Freebirds
2. Amy's Ice Cream

3. church
4. Sam's Club

5. home

4 Ways to Win Your Heart:
1. Notice and remember random things--about me and about the world
2. Smile and talk to those who others won't smile and talk to
3. Dance with me
4. Surprise me!

3 Things You're Afraid Of:
1. all flying bugs. wait, make that all bugs.
2. losing people I love
3. disappointing people

2 People You Can Tell Anything To:
1. Em
2. Court

1 Person You Want to See Right Now: Good question. . .there are several. But probably Mandy Allen tops the list.


Blogger Becky said...

I love stuff like this. It's always fun to learn new things about people. Yea...we need to get together.

11:04 AM  

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