Monday, August 29, 2005

Quick Fix

Audrey came over for dinner tonight and it was way fun to see her. I haven't seen her since May. We cooked (well, she did most of it) an awesome vegetarian dish. It was yummy! With food like that, I could go without meat. But I don't know how long I'd last. . .We also flipped thru our junior high yearbook and laughed at ourselves and our classmates. You don't quite realize the value of a yearbook until years later. :)

In other news, I talked to Carmack today! He called me at work, which was such a surprise. Lisa, our wonderful secretary, says, "Lauren, Line 1" and I pick up in the usual way, expecting possibly a salesperson (yes, churches get inundated with sales calls, too), "This is Lauren." And I hear, "L.D.!" It was hilarious. Very fun to catch up with him. Isn't it cool when friends randomly think to call you out of the blue like that? A lot of times I'll think of someone and say to myself, "Oooh, I need to call him/her" but then think of all the other stuff I need to do. Most of the people I want to talk to would require a good half-hour conversation at least, so it's easy to push it to the side and wait for another day. But I may not get another day to call these people. So I should take advantage of the time I'm given.

Mandy from camp called this weekend, too, and that was another fun surprise. Life is crazy and it's nice to talk to people who agree with me on that! :)

Becca and Mo spent the weekend with us, and Dad came in for a day, too. Busy weekend, but lots of fun.

Beth Marie is leaving. I'm really going to miss her. . .for some reason, I feel like I'm particularly going to miss her laugh. It just kinda rings out in the office and always makes me laugh along with her. Hmmmm. Sad.

It's been a thought-provoking day, an uncomfortable day in some ways. I'm uncomfortable with a reaction I've experienced within myself. I talked with Court and Em, though, and who better to talk to on a day like this than my two very best friends? I'm thankful for their wise words and their knowledge of me. It's funny how they both just happen to be around to talk right when I need them most. . .

Okay, I'm tired. To bed I said!


Blogger Richard said...

Not much of a vegetarian lover, but I was raised to think, "If someone goes through the trouble of preparing it for you, You'd better eat it!" (Thanx mom and dad.) Glad you liked it.

I am the world's worst at keeping in touch. I spoke with my brother a couple of days ago. It was his birthday. He mentioned that he ran into one of my high school friends. He told my brother we were pretty tight back then. The bad part is that I don't remember us being that close in high school, but closer in Junior high. He gave him my number, and gave me his. He told my brother that he would wait for me to call him first. I hate that because I have a track record of NOT returning phone calls. I hate to do that this time. Like you mentioned, it is easy to put things off, and so far I have put it of for 2 days. I hope I call soon.
Well, I know you are busy, so I will let you go. Hope to talk again soon. Take care of you.

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