Friday, August 19, 2005

Oh my gosh, advertising has entered the blogging world via comments. This is ridiculous. Stupid. And really annoying.

Headed to SA to see Miriam and Scott today. Actually, they're not in SA anymore, but close to it. Should be a fun time.

Tomorrow's a LONNNNNG day.

I love getting in touch with old friends! MySpace is a cool little thingy. Talking to high school friends is so fun. . .in 5 years, so much has changed, and yet some things never change. :)

Love to all.

I remember when I'd run to you
Through fields of white flowers
Your embrace was my air
How I needed you there
All of the world and all of its powers
Couldn't keep your love from me


Blogger Richard said...

I agree. I was looking at my email, when I noticed I had a comment on my blog. I was really excited. That is... until I read it. I don't remember what exactly it said, but I saw the same thing on Becky's blog, so I guess they just went to mine from hers. That's probably where they got your blogspot from too. It was really aggrivating. Naturally, I deleted it. Well, I will let you go. Have fun with Scott and Miriam.

12:29 PM  

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