Thursday, August 25, 2005

Idol Day

Well, I did it. And I'm proud of myself for doing something I had always thought about doing. I know that if I hadn't done it, I'd regret it at some point. Obviously, I didn't make it to the second round of auditions, which I wasn't really expecting, anyway. There were some AWESOME singers there. I bet all of the people who showed up have been in choir just like I have. . .and the ones who made it past the first round had amazing voices. I realized as I sat there in the auditorium (for 7 hours--lots of time to think and observe people and the process) that "show business" isn't my thing. Even if I had, by some odd chance, made it to the second round, I would've quickly grown tired of the attitudes and philosophies of the entertainment business. So it was a fun experience. . .definitely worthwhile. I had so many voicemails from friends, family, people at work, and my kids today wishing me luck. It was sweet. We had a staff dinner tonight in honor of Beth Marie and Steve had me sing in front of the whole group! aaaah. We weren't alone in the restaurant, either. It was funny. Today was one of those days when you realize how many people care about you and love you--regardless of the fact that you took an entire day off of work to audition for something very far-fetched. ;)

Know that you are loved.

For you, there'll be no cryin'
For you, the sun will be shinin'
'Cause I feel that when I'm with you it's alright.
I know it's right.
~Eva Cassidy


Blogger Richard said...

Well, that's okay. SHow business isn't all it's cut out to be...Yeah like I know... It seems like a bunch of drama to me. Granted I always wanted to sing of play my music, but I don't think I ever really wanted to make it big.

Great job. I'm sure it was an experience you'll never forget.

5:18 AM  

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