Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Heart KW

Wow, Key West was SO FUN!! Becky and I had a blast, even though there were a few minor setbacks (running across an entire airport only to find that we'd just missed a connecting flight, for example). Highlights for me include, but are not limited to:
* parasailing! I was afraid, but I conquered my fears for Becky's birthday and it was way cool.
* meeting the producer of MTV's Real World. Yep, we sat right next to him at a bar and chatted for a lot of the evening. Becky talked to him way more than I did, and he only told us he was "in entertainment," but he'd mentioned that he'd just been in Austin for a few months and I thought, "You know, wouldn't that be funny if he was with MTV". . .and our bartender friend told us later that indeed he was! How crazy. Too bad we didn't get a picture.
* our schedule was very free--if we were tired of walking around, we took naps at our hotel. If we wanted to sit and have a Coke overlooking the ocean, we did it. It's fun to take vacations with friends, especially friends who are like yourself. We generally like the same things and dislike the same things, so it was easy to have fun together!
* Night life in Key West is ridiculous! Bars are open til 4 AM, you can walk around with a beer in your hand, the t-shirt shops are chock full of crude slogans, bongs are on display everywhere you look. . .it was a different world. And we were of course always asked the question, "So, where do you work?" which led to interesting conversations.
* I love pirates. I don't know where it came from, but I suddenly have a fascination with learning about pirates. What a nerd!
* The wedding we attended was beautiful--very small and right on the ocean.
* We met some cool people. . .it's interesting how many people graduate college and just up and move somewhere to work at a bar or play music or whatever. I began to think my life was boring, but have since decided that my life is just fine the way it is. And the same goes for other, more adventurous lives. We're all different. Plus, even if I DID decide to do something crazy like that, those of you who know me know that I'd probably get homesick and regretful of my decision after a mere month!

Pictures are posted above. Enjoy!

Have a good one.


Blogger Richard said...

Great stories as well as pictures. It's good to hear you had a lot of fun. I hope you can get enough rest. It sounds exhausting. Welcome home.

5:27 AM  

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