Saturday, June 25, 2005


Currently listening to: Pinback, Fortress. Probably my new favorite song. Find it and listen to it. I think you'll like it. :)

I went to look at a house this morning and I'm excited about it. I already have a call in to the landlord. So hopefully this one will work out. . .looking for houses is extremely stressful and annoying. I've decided it's another thing on my list of "have-to-do-but-hate-it" things. . .

John and Marcy are getting married today!!!! I'm so ready for it. It'll be an all-around fun event. Lots of new friends, dancing, and partying. :) They are indeed a special couple--honestly a one-of-a-kind couple, I would say. They both grew up in our church and people have known both of them forever. So it's a unique situation in that no one really feels like they're "giving them away" because they're being given to each other, if that makes any sense. And i've always noticed that they are the coolest couple when it comes to hanging out with single friends. I can honestely say I've never felt like the third wheel. And that says a TON. Thankfully, they'll only be in SA, so not too far away.

There's an animal residing in the walls of my apartment. And it's quite annoying. I'm always afraid that at some point, he (or she) is going to burst through my vents and attack me. I can tell by the scurrying and rustling around up there that there's bound to be some damage to the walls. Ugh. I just sent an e-mail to the apartment office about it.

I think I decided on the mp3 player I want to buy. I'm not going to buy it until next month, though, because I don't really need it until I go on my trips this summer. And after that, I want to get the car radio adapter so I can listen to my mp3s in the car. Those players are pretty dang cool--they're super small and have lots of capabilities. Plus, they're cute. . .and that's all that matters, right? :)

Time to get to work on my essays. . .

Have fun today!

And in a telescope lens,
and when all you want is friends,
I'll see you soon.


Blogger Richard said...

Good luck on the house hunting. I feel your pain. It is a chore. I think I just got tired of looking and bought the next house I saw...bad idea. I don't recommend that. Don't get me wrong. It's not a bad house, but it needs a lot of work that I didn't notice when I looked at it.
Congratulations to John and Marcy. May the Lord bless their marriage and walk with them. May they include Him in it. (A 3 strand cord is hard to break.)
Also, good luck with your room mate. He (or she) may only be in for a while. Look at the bright side. At least it is in the walls and not trying to share the whole room. Hope everything works out. I hope you don't mind me commenting. If so, don't be affraid to let me know in my blog, and I will stop. There would be no hard feelings.

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