Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It Happens So Fast

It's 3:16 am and I was awakened by a loud clap of thunder a half hour ago. Actually, it didn't really sound like thunder--it was a weird, VERY LOUD sound. . .I actually jumped. Scary! And of course, now that it's raining and severe thunderstorms are in the area, I can't sleep because I have to track them with the TV and internet to make sure I know what's headed this way. Eeek, I hate bad weather. I hate being alone in bad weather.

Last weekend was so great. I'm proud of Lee-lee--she's done with high school! And a year early! Wow. I'm so excited for her to come live here. My kids are always asking when she's coming down, so I know I'm not the only one who's ready for it. :)

Janie and I went to the ranch with John and Marcy for the latter part of the weekend and it was awesome! Pictures are posted above. It was so nice to be away from cars, cell phones, TV, etc. for a couple of days. The biggest thing to do was jump on the buggy and drive around to feed the animals. It was quiet and comfortable. I've realized that a year ago, I was still complaining about how not having friends in Austin. Now, I have plans all the time with my new friends in the area! It takes a while to build a community (ha ha, I will always have the RA in me :), but it's definitely worth it. My friends here have become my closest friends at this point in life. I guess that's how it goes, huh? Friendships change as we change. It's kinda sad to me to see how other friendships have faded a bit, but I'm sure that's a healthy and normal part of life.

This week is a crazy one. . .I just so happened to book myself every day and every night with youth group activities. How do I end up doing that?? Nerd.

Have a good one!

Not asking of me anything,
saying nothing about what it means,
without anybody telling me how I should feel. . .
~Jimmy Eat World


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