Saturday, June 11, 2005

Forget Your Name

Confirmation camp this past week. . .fun stuff. I had lots of time with my kiddos and they crack me up. Playing volleyball with them, canoeing, eating meals together, singing silly songs, tying necklaces in John's hair, making s'mores, laughing at the Beaver song. . .man, I was reminded of why I longed to be a youth minister when I was a camp counselor. Because I know my kids before and after camp. I get to take them home and continue developing the relationships. What a privilege.

I also met some very cool pastors this week and had very enlightening conversations. One new friend engaged me in a conversation that I believe has literally changed my life. Sounds weird, I know, but my heart went through a major tranformation this past week due to a "rocking chair conversation" on the back porch. I needed last week. . .I needed to be at camp away from everything in Austin. . .I needed the quiet as well as the noise. It was all very refreshing. I'm thankful that God opened my eyes to some things I hadn't been able to recognize or acknowledge before.

My mom and Leah and Byron are here this weekend. Leah and Byron will be here until Tuesday. Woo hoo! I'm ready for some tennis, swimming, and movies with my siblings. Court's coming up tonight to spend the night. . .goodness, it's gonna be cu-razy! ;)

I miss Becky! It feels like it's been forever. I'm glad I got to talk to some good friends this week while I was at camp. Lots of catching-up conversations.


far too weak to run for you this long. . . .
~Daphne Loves Derby


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