Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's Wednesday

Here's a rundown of what Lauren's been up to this week:
1) Bought $60 worth of clothes last night while shopping with Becky. Horrible. But summer clothes (especially when one is heading to Key West in a month) are irresistible sometimes. And plus, people give me a hard time about shopping, but if you've ever actually shopped with me, you'll know that I'm really careful with my money. Ask Becky. She's tried to talk me into things before. Ask Miriam. So has she. So there. I really AM good with my money. :)
2) Finished my candidacy essay and had two people read it. I'm sending it off tomorrow or Friday, I think. Oh my gosh, this is going to be for real once it's in the mail. . .
3) Spent the day at Camp Chrysalis today. I have some LYLEs there this week and I wanted to surprise them. Becky came along, which I'm grateful for because it was way more fun than if I'd gone alone. Plus, Whitney's there this week and it was awesome to give her a hug on her birthday!
4) Applied for yet another house and am still awaiting a response.
5) Hiked with my kids in preparation for backpacking (in 3 weeks!!).
6) Bowled with my kids (and beat EVERYONE. . .with a whopping score of 121.) :)
7) Started to clean out my office with Anna (who, by the way, is a super fun new friend of mine who's here for the summer) and found all these youth ministry books from the 70s with pictures that are absolutely hilarious. I'm going to make a collage of the funniest ones.
8) Thought.
9) Missed.
10) Laughed.

I'm heading home to the other A-town tomorrow afternoon. I'm soooo ready. This will be the only weekend I'm free for a while. . .crazy and already tiring just to think about.


Maybe you're the same as me;
we see things they'll never see.

Monday, June 27, 2005

And the bride & groom dance. . .I know it's blurry, but I think it's kinda cool that way.

Dana and I at John and Marcy's wedding. My new dress was a huge hit and SO FUN to wear. It's definitely my new favorite outfit. :)

Oh my gosh, how did Janie convince me to play SOFTBALL tonight? I mean, come on. . .

This will be entertaining.

Cary Brothers is awesome. Check him out.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Currently listening to: Pinback, Fortress. Probably my new favorite song. Find it and listen to it. I think you'll like it. :)

I went to look at a house this morning and I'm excited about it. I already have a call in to the landlord. So hopefully this one will work out. . .looking for houses is extremely stressful and annoying. I've decided it's another thing on my list of "have-to-do-but-hate-it" things. . .

John and Marcy are getting married today!!!! I'm so ready for it. It'll be an all-around fun event. Lots of new friends, dancing, and partying. :) They are indeed a special couple--honestly a one-of-a-kind couple, I would say. They both grew up in our church and people have known both of them forever. So it's a unique situation in that no one really feels like they're "giving them away" because they're being given to each other, if that makes any sense. And i've always noticed that they are the coolest couple when it comes to hanging out with single friends. I can honestely say I've never felt like the third wheel. And that says a TON. Thankfully, they'll only be in SA, so not too far away.

There's an animal residing in the walls of my apartment. And it's quite annoying. I'm always afraid that at some point, he (or she) is going to burst through my vents and attack me. I can tell by the scurrying and rustling around up there that there's bound to be some damage to the walls. Ugh. I just sent an e-mail to the apartment office about it.

I think I decided on the mp3 player I want to buy. I'm not going to buy it until next month, though, because I don't really need it until I go on my trips this summer. And after that, I want to get the car radio adapter so I can listen to my mp3s in the car. Those players are pretty dang cool--they're super small and have lots of capabilities. Plus, they're cute. . .and that's all that matters, right? :)

Time to get to work on my essays. . .

Have fun today!

And in a telescope lens,
and when all you want is friends,
I'll see you soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Keep It Loose. . .

Amos Lee rocks. Thanks for the recommendation, TD.

VBS this week @ church. I'm on the drama crew. LOL I was asked to help out at the last minute and the skits are so corny, but they make the little kids laugh and that's what's important, right? :)

Good week so far. Oh, except that I didn't get the house I wanted. Stupid other people got it. ha ha It really makes me sad because this house was so dang cute, people. :( But I guess there's bound to be somewhere else for Lorena to live. . .

I'm enjoying free time after work--looking at houses, buying wedding gifts for friends, and of course buying things for myself along the way. ;) It's actually a semi-slow week at work. . .people tend to think that youth ministry slows down in the summer when nothing could be further from the truth. So I relish the weeks that I can actually be in my office and then go home afterwards like normal. This job is sooooo not normal. . .but that's what makes it fun in its own way.

My candidacy application is not getting done and my goal was to have it done by the end of this month!! I need to take time to do it. But writing an essay on your faith life and who has influenced you and what your spirituality looks like right now is kinda hard to do in spurts. It's something you've got to commit at least one or two entire evenings to. I know I'll feel much better once I have it done. . .not to mention that I'll be much further along on my seminary journey! Right now, I'm thinking about either Luther Seminary or staying here in Austin at LSPS. Anyone have any comments or suggestions as to where I should head next fall?

I just read my sister's blog and she wrote that one of my dad's new baby ducklings drowned in the pool. Seriously, my eyes teared up when I read that. :(

It's funny how much I miss people I work with when they're away on trips, etc. Trixi just got back from Germany and Beth Marie just returned from Rome. I was so very happy to give them hugs this morning! Trixi even gave me a kiss on the cheek. Sweet.

I'm out. Have a good one!

But sometimes we forget who we got
Who they are and who they are not
There is so much more in love than black and white

~Amos Lee

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Caught in the Sun

Just got back from Schlitterbahn and I'm tired! It was so dang crowded--we only rode 4 rides the entire day. Crazy. It was a youth event, but only 4 of us went, which was a really good size for the group. We had lots of fun. :)

Boy, this week has been rough.

I haven't heard from the realtor about the house I want to lease. I bet that means someone else got it. I sure hope not. I had a dream that she called and said I don't make enough money for it. :( Sad.

Happy Father's Day to mi papa! :) My dad has a duck and she has baby ducklings now--they swim in the pool and hang out in the backyard. It's hilarious--I can't wait to see my dad's zoo the next time I get to go home.

Last night Becky and I went to Becca's surprise birthday party. It was awesome--McKinney Falls State Park is way cool. Steve is such a wonderful fiance; he planned this whole surprise for her. And it's obvious that they love each other so much--there are so many relationships that make me smile. :)

Alright, time to pop Love Actually in the DVD player and curl up on the couch. I'm wiped out and emotional--nothing like a chick flick to end the evening perfectly, huh? ha ha I can think of nothing else I'd rather do right now.

Watching the flashbacks intertwine,
Memories I will never find

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Let Me Start it Over

My mind is full of things that need to be done. I miss summers where I'm free to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Blah. Gone are the days that I sit around in my pjs all day. . .I'd love to have another one soon.

I know, I know, I sound so lazy and immature. . .but real life is rough.

And it's dang hot outside, too.

and in your busy, dizzy life
you will become everything you said you would.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Forget Your Name

Confirmation camp this past week. . .fun stuff. I had lots of time with my kiddos and they crack me up. Playing volleyball with them, canoeing, eating meals together, singing silly songs, tying necklaces in John's hair, making s'mores, laughing at the Beaver song. . .man, I was reminded of why I longed to be a youth minister when I was a camp counselor. Because I know my kids before and after camp. I get to take them home and continue developing the relationships. What a privilege.

I also met some very cool pastors this week and had very enlightening conversations. One new friend engaged me in a conversation that I believe has literally changed my life. Sounds weird, I know, but my heart went through a major tranformation this past week due to a "rocking chair conversation" on the back porch. I needed last week. . .I needed to be at camp away from everything in Austin. . .I needed the quiet as well as the noise. It was all very refreshing. I'm thankful that God opened my eyes to some things I hadn't been able to recognize or acknowledge before.

My mom and Leah and Byron are here this weekend. Leah and Byron will be here until Tuesday. Woo hoo! I'm ready for some tennis, swimming, and movies with my siblings. Court's coming up tonight to spend the night. . .goodness, it's gonna be cu-razy! ;)

I miss Becky! It feels like it's been forever. I'm glad I got to talk to some good friends this week while I was at camp. Lots of catching-up conversations.


far too weak to run for you this long. . . .
~Daphne Loves Derby

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Lauren and Leah being silly Posted by Hello

Dad, Mom, and the 4 Dow kids (I'm the oldest and the smallest?! what the heck!) Posted by Hello

Jeffrey the bull Posted by Hello

Jane, me, and Marcy at the ranch Posted by Hello

It Happens So Fast

It's 3:16 am and I was awakened by a loud clap of thunder a half hour ago. Actually, it didn't really sound like thunder--it was a weird, VERY LOUD sound. . .I actually jumped. Scary! And of course, now that it's raining and severe thunderstorms are in the area, I can't sleep because I have to track them with the TV and internet to make sure I know what's headed this way. Eeek, I hate bad weather. I hate being alone in bad weather.

Last weekend was so great. I'm proud of Lee-lee--she's done with high school! And a year early! Wow. I'm so excited for her to come live here. My kids are always asking when she's coming down, so I know I'm not the only one who's ready for it. :)

Janie and I went to the ranch with John and Marcy for the latter part of the weekend and it was awesome! Pictures are posted above. It was so nice to be away from cars, cell phones, TV, etc. for a couple of days. The biggest thing to do was jump on the buggy and drive around to feed the animals. It was quiet and comfortable. I've realized that a year ago, I was still complaining about how not having friends in Austin. Now, I have plans all the time with my new friends in the area! It takes a while to build a community (ha ha, I will always have the RA in me :), but it's definitely worth it. My friends here have become my closest friends at this point in life. I guess that's how it goes, huh? Friendships change as we change. It's kinda sad to me to see how other friendships have faded a bit, but I'm sure that's a healthy and normal part of life.

This week is a crazy one. . .I just so happened to book myself every day and every night with youth group activities. How do I end up doing that?? Nerd.

Have a good one!

Not asking of me anything,
saying nothing about what it means,
without anybody telling me how I should feel. . .
~Jimmy Eat World