Sunday, May 01, 2005

What a pretty day!

On days like this, I really wish I had someone to go take a walk with. It's definitely a Greenbelt day, but it's just not as fun by myself. I'll have roommates soon, though!!

This weekend was GREAT. My dreams of sitting by the pool were dashed a bit by the cooler weather. . .however, I still sat outside on the balcony with Em and we got a little sun. Mom and Leah joined us for a while, too. And as always, it's nice to have nothing pressing to do. I watched a couple of episodes of 24 with Dad and Leah (and we took some hilarious pictures of Dad eating popcorn--there's something about Dad and a digital camera that can entertain my sister and me for hours!) 24 is a really good show. . .no wonder my entire family is addicted to it. And it's fun to hear my sister and my dad sing along to George Strait's greatest hits. :)

I love going home. The only disappointment was the fact that my allergies were bugging me like crazy! I was sneezing all the time--at one point, I came downstairs and my mom thought I was crying! ha ha

It's so hard deciding whether to take a nap or to do something else that you know you should do. I guess I'll do the latter. It'll be fun, anyway, and it will mean a lot to someone. I'm such a napper, though. . .sometimes there's nothing more inviting than my bed.

Have a good afternoon/evening! Peace.

Never let the sun set on tomorrow
Before the sun rises today.
~Nine Days


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