Thursday, May 12, 2005


Oh my GOSH. . .the Simple Life is sooooo annoying. Yes, I have it on right now and I'm not necessarily proud of that fact. Dang, those girls get on my nerves.

I'm in SA early tomorrow morning to record on Scott's CD-- which is way cool, but tiring. I'm so tired this week--emotionally and physically. Lots of crazy news this week and random unexpected stressors. I'm ready for bed and it's 9:00.

I got my hair cut and I'm kinda disappointed. It's cute, but not as cute as I'd hoped it would be. Leave it to a girl to say something like that, huh? Oh, well. It's super easy and perfect for the summer with camp and youth trips that require simple styling.

I'm thinking about going to Guatemala with the church in early November. We have a mission congregation there and it would be so awesome to go. Costly, but I think I could work it out. I think what really made me think seriously about it was the fact that Steve (our pastor) made the effort to say to me, "I really hope you can come with us." That means a lot. A group went last year and relationships were formed and continue to develop with the people in Guatemala, which I would love to be a part of. We'll see how God works this out. . .

Time for dinner and sleep! Later.

[Sleep is] the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.
~Thomas Dekker


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