Monday, May 09, 2005

My Eye is a Shop

This past weekend was GREAT! TLU graduation was way fun--and I have some friends who will be in Austin over the summer (and some possibly longer than that), so I'm excited to have more people around to hang out with. Of course, this is a common theme in my life: run into old friends, exchange numbers and talk about all the fun things you'll do together, promise to hang out soon, and. . .never see them. It's not just my fault--it's a two-way street--but I'm just as guilty as anyone else of not keeping in touch. And I doubt there are people out there who are crying because I never called them, but I do believe that I will be better about it this time. :) That's the goal at least.

Taryn left this morning. . .we had a great time together. It was so nice to do many things that I don't normally do by myself--like just walking around South Congress and exploring the fun stores there. I only do that when friends visit, and I learn more about Austin each time I'm the "host." I can hardly call myself a host, though. . .but I definitely know much more about this place than I did a year ago. Taryn will most likely be heading to Africa with the Peace Corps in August, and it's so crazy that I won't see her for over two years. But who knows--I may go visit her at some point. . .

I found this great book at Book People last night called Love Poems from God--it's a collection of poems by eastern and western theologians and philosophers and it's fabulous. I almost started crying in the middle of the store while reading some of it. (I guess that's the intended effect of love poetry, huh? At least for a sappy girl like me.) The way some people can put the love of God into words just amazes me and I almost felt like I was experiencing that Love for the first time in the middle of a bookstore. I love how God reaches us at the most random moments in life.

Well, summer is on its way (in some ways, it's already begun) and I'm excited for the events I expect and curious about the surprises.

Have a good one, kids.

From my breath I extract God.
And my eye is a shop
where I offer
Him to the
~From My Breath, St. Thomas Aquinas


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...definitely a two-way street on the hanging out stuff. It was good catching up at Erik's shindig.

Taryn will be greatly missed... but WOW!
- Kendall

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