Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Gangstas don't know how to act

Hey hey hey!

Last night was great--just fun chill-out time with Becky at her place. We watched that show, House, on FOX. It's really interesting. I'd seen it once before, and I think it's really good. Other than that, we ate pizza and chatted about life. It's taken a year and a half, but I finally feel like I have some friends in the area who I can call when I want to hang out. Becky tops the list!

I'm going to look at some houses with a guy from church today. He has a house he rents out, and he says the whole area is worth checking out in case I find something. Exciting!!

Taryn's coming in tonight! And the whole tubing idea might go out the window if the weather isn't nice. . .yuck. I bet the water's cold. Oh, well. It stinks when the weather doesn't cooperate. :( Trey and I are planning to go on Friday--maybe twice once the Seelys join us! :) I hope Court can come.

The lyrics I post today come from two of my favorite hip-hop songs right now. Becky and I share a love for 'da hood. We're both little white girls, but we definitely know our hip-hop. :) The songs below always make me want to go dancing with my girls!

So, dedicated to my dear father (and practically all my family members) who cringe when I turn up the bass. . .

Oh, round here we ridin' slow
We keep it ghetto, you should know
Gettin' crunk up in the club, we gets low
Oh, all my ladies to the floor
Handle it, ladies back it up
Gettin' crunk up in the club, we gets low

All my girls get your hair fixed and your nails done
Get your hands up and say OKAY
You got a drink, get another one, make 'em pay for it
Put it in the air and say OKAY


Blogger Becky said...

"Yeah, we thuggin, rollin on dubs and, Off up in the club, whylin like what" -A little Fat Joe just to show who we really rock Lauren.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those "songs" don't have nuthin ta du wid dancin..miss! love the new can't take a bad one:)

7:53 PM  

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