Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Goodness Knows

Mmmm. . .Jack Johnson playing in the office. . .now that's what I call a great day at work. :)

The preschool has a petting zoo outside today and I honestly could spend all day out there if I could! Feeding bottles to piglets, petting bunnies, laughing at clumsy baby goats. . .and the best part is watching the little kids play with the animals (and hearing "be gentle" from the teachers every five seconds). :) Little kids interacting with animals is probably one of the most enjoyable things to watch. . .they're both such innocent creatures and they just don't know how cute they are.

Snow Patrol rocks. I got the CD yesterday in the mail. And I love it. This seems like a year of good music. . .I can't remember a year that I've been surrounded by better music. (Besides the year I was introduced to Jimmy Eat World.) But all this indie stuff I've learned about this year is blowing me away. And I'm sure there's more to come. . .it's funny to me how people's musical tastes can be so different. Some of music's "classics" I just don't get into. And some of my music doesn't do it for some people (I know, I know, I will never understand why my dad doesn't like rap! What is wrong with him, anyway? ha ha). It's interesting. And it doesn't stop with music. Food's another one that intrigues me. I LOVE sour cream and others hate it. . .and I HATE olives and others love them (like the time Courtney bought a huge jar of olives in college. . .yuck!).

I had dinner with Becky last night and I just love that girl. It's cool how our friendship has grown and continues to grow. Good times!

Alright. Janie and I are going to work on the senior video. Peace.

What have I done? It's too late for that.
What have I become? Truth is, nothing yet.


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