Sunday, March 27, 2005

Roll the Stone Away

"Hoppy" Easter! :)

I spent pretty much the entire day @ Scott's parent's house in NB. They have a beautiful place in the country and it made me really want someplace like that someday. Miriam and I were out on the back porch the whole afternoon sipping wine, drinking coffee, talking about anything and everything. Thank You for wonderful friends.

I had a great weekend. Thanks guys.

Everything's changing so fast. . .
~N O F


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sissy, I was reading someone else's blog and their dad posted a comment. But the scary thing is that her dad had a blogger account! Hahaha. So at least we can be thankful that while dad does leave some dumb comments often [okay...more like ALL the time], AT LEAST he does not have an account in which he blogs on. So at least we have that, I guess...

Talk to you soon! : )

7:12 PM  

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