Monday, March 21, 2005


I bought the OC Mix 2 today. Yep, I'm a nerd. But it's got GREAT music. I've become an indie junkie. . .and I used to be so confused about what the word "indie" actually meant. But Leah had James confirm it: it means anything not mainstream, or anything that's not on the radio. That's a pretty broad span of music, huh? I have more bands to rave about: The Album Leaf, The Perishers, dias malos, and Patrick Park. I know I'm probably way behind in the whole "indie" scene. . .but I like the pace I'm going. New music, I've discovered, makes me so happy. It's probably one of my prime joys on this earth. I've often wondered how heaven will be music-wise. Will we hear whatever we want, whenever we want? Or will we have no need to hear music? I would think that music takes place there. . .I mean, the angels sing hymns all the time, right? Should be interesting.

I found out tonight @ BSF that a guy I used to know in junior high died in a car accident last week. This girl in my discussion group grew up in Arlington and went to church with him. It's weird, too, because Em and I used to think it was so weird that this particular guy (Jarrod) and his girlfriend were together all throughout junior high and high school!! And then got married. And they just had a baby boy 8 days before Jarrod died. It's so sad. You never know how many days you have on this earth. . .

Tonight I was thinking about another reason I'm excited for Leah to live with me--we can share our music tastes all the time! Whenever I go home, I always end up liking another band she's listening to in her room. So when she's here, both of us will always have fun music playing. Yay!

Janie and I sorted through our mission trip pictures today. She and I always have a full sheet of jokes from each trip we take. It's so hilarious and I'm so thankful for her! I honestly don't know how the trip would've been for me if she hadn't been along for the crazy ride.

Mom's birthday is coming up and I'm in the process of making her a fun present. Hopefully it turns out well.

Miriam and Scott invited me to Scott's parents' house for Easter! How sweet. It was Scott's idea, too. I love my friends.

Oh, I think I've officially spoiled my cat. Barrett had to buy some more food this week while I was out of town, and Simon didn't even touch what he bought. Of course, on the advice of the vet last summer, I've been feeding Simon the expensive brand of kitten food. Barrett bought Friskies. Good, but not the best. So today I had to buy some Purina One to satisfy Simon's needs. Is this an indication of the type of parent I will be someday? Hmmm. Of course, I've read that cats are finicky about their food and don't like change, so it's probably not the fact that Simon will only eat expensive food--just the fact that he's used to what he's been eating. Right? :)

Okay, time to make some cookies, write some thank-you notes, sort my CDs, and work on Mom's present. Peace!

I know what I should do but I just can't walk away.


Blogger Becky said...

It's getting a little scary how our lives are like mirror images of each other. We seem to write about the same things in our blogs every now and then, and yesterday I added more to my blog about a friend that I graduated with passing away and so did you. It's getting a little weird how things are happening in our lives that are the same.But at least we are experiencing things together.

6:54 AM  
Blogger Becky said...

Oh my goodnes...a drink would be AWESOME!!!

2:45 PM  

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