Saturday, March 12, 2005

One More Mile

Wow, don't ever let yourself think that old friends are only memories. I had so much fun with Em & Marissa when they spent the night, and then we had lunch with Liz the next day in Ft. Worth. It was just like old times--except the conversation was a bit different and we're a bit older. But it's so special to be able to have slumber parties, drive around at night with the windows down blaring Outkast (yay for Rosa Parks and lots of memories), watch movies, eat brownies, . . . . .be ourselves!. . .with friends who knew you 6 years ago and still know you. It's so very cool to still have those friendships.

Overall, my visit to Arlington was one of my best yet. I had so many wonderful conversations with Mom, Dad, Em, and Leah. It was just really uplifting. I knew it would be a good idea to get away before the big trip to Mexico. It definitely was worth it. Oh, and Lee-lee did my laundry for me--thanks, sista! ;) She's awesome.

Today's the day of "last minute prep" for the mission trip. Hope it goes well! I feel a lot better about it than I did before I went to Arlington. . .maybe the break gave me the confidence I need. I'm SO GLAD Lee-lee's coming, too. Something about having her around is super comforting.

Watching Raising Helen. . .ah, I love that movie!!!

Have a fun & safe Spring Break, peeps. Please pray for our trip if you get the chance. :)

And I will still be here
When the dust has cleared
~Tom McRae

P.S. Lizzie introduced me to Tom McRae and Snow Patrol. . .check 'em out, they're awesome. And Leah told me about Daphne Loves Derby--also awesome!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back from J-Town!
Hope you all had a great trip and all are safe.
Spreading the light of Christ - a wonderful way to spend Spring break! Blessings to all of you.

Shout out to PN:)

7:37 PM  

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