Sunday, March 20, 2005

It's Happening

Hey hey hey!

It's gonna be weird getting back into the swing of things this week. Well, I'm off tomorrow, but still. I haven't done my BSF lesson for the week and I need to before tomorrow night. And being off work tomorrow is gonna be hard on my Lenten decision to avoid unnecessary shopping. However, I think this past week in Mexico has again given me an appreciation for simplicity. It's so silly how I think of new articles of clothing that I want, etc. Ugh! It's a phenomenon I just can't seem to explain or justify.

A crazy mix of Mexican dust/drywall/insulation has made a home in my lungs. . .my sinuses are all messed up. I keep coughing and sneezing. Yuck!

I just dropped off 200 digital pictures @ Walgreen's to get printed. Wow. That's gonna be like $60. I'm so excited, though. I can't wait to put the bulletin board together for the mission trip.

Dad and Byron came down today to pick up Leah. We ate at Chuy's, which was fun. I also had a nice long nap today after church. I had several weird dreams--one in which Miriam was pregnant. HA HA

This week will be fun--I'm looking forward to spending time with my friends. Carmack's coming into town! Yay! :) I think one time Trey and I joked about that phrase being a title or an announcement: Carmack Comes to Town or something. lol

Have a good one, kids.

I’ve got the sun at my back
The world in my sights
So strike up the band
~Tom McRae


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