Friday, March 04, 2005

Don't Say Anything

Today was nice. I woke up at like 11:30 and stayed in my pajamas all day driving around town looking @ houses to rent. Woo-hoo! I'm pumped. Except I've noticed that I'm really picky about houses. . .must've gotten that from my dad. Some of them are just plain crappy. And yes, I know I'm a young renter and can't expect much based on what I'm willing to pay per month. . .however, I'm not in college anymore, I have a good job, and I want a nice home to live in. And I'm glad I drove around today because I crossed some off my list. Of course, then there's the whole money thing. Makes sense that the houses I really love are out of my price range. Oh, well. . .at least I have a jumpstart on house hunting and know what the market looks like. Driving thru neighborhoods makes me so excited about living in a house! The simple things in life.

I went to the WHS orch. concert last night and saw some of my kids. It was great! And I went to lunch @ WHS yesterday and was laughed at when a tennis ball came flying at my face. Peter of course laughed harder than all of the other kids I didn't know. ha ha It was funny. Thanks, Peeetah.

Tonight I heard the Valpo choir sing @ St. Martin's. Paige came up and we went together. It was so pretty. I of course cried during a few pieces.

And now. . .back in my pj's. . .oh yeah, and I spent a good part of last night and today attempting to unravel a horrendous knot in the yarn I'm using to knit a hat! I ended up just cutting it off after like 3 hours of working on it. How annoying!! I watched all of Lost in Translation while working on that dang knot. . .and didn't even realize when the movie was over and I was STILL untangling. Stupid, stupid yarn. By the way, Lost in Translation is boring. Just my opinion. :)

Later, dudes.

Where everyone is searching,
I'm just a face in the crowd.
~Number One Fan


Blogger Roller Queen said...

If you thought Lost In Translation was boring, you have horrible movie taste.

Oh yeah, that's right, you like The Notebook.

Makes perfect sense. : )

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't believe a word of it, kids!
Shout out to mr. gay:)

8:58 PM  

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