Tuesday, March 01, 2005

'Cause I Had No Idea

Well, I think my sermon for tomorrow night (!!) is coming together, which is nice. It's really hard to write a sermon. Store that piece of advice for whenever you may need it. ;) I have a lot of admiration for pastors who preach every week. It's hard to be creative after a while! Oh, wait, God inspires sermon-writers. . .isn't that what's supposed to happen? :) I'm being silly, though I really have found that to be true. I was praying yesterday about it and today it just kinda took shape as I was typing. So it's true, kids--God is active and answers our prayers. That's your next lesson for the day.

Now, on to more exciting things: my life. ha ha, just kidding. Actually, I don't have much to share. I did happen to catch up with an old friend last night. . .and that was way fun considering that a few months ago I wasn't quite sure about the future of our friendship. There's just a great sense of peace when you can put the past behind you and enjoy a friend again.

My last stress reduction class was held tonight. . .and I'm such a dork, I was near tears when it was coming to an end. It's just a bunch of really neat people who met together every week and ended up sharing a lot of our lives with each other. So you can bond fairly quickly and it's hard to know that we will never meet as a group again. :( But I'm just sentimental about that kind of stuff.

Mission trip coming up soon!! Aaaaaahhhh. Please say prayers that our group is safe, healthy, strong, and faithful throughout the trip. Thanks.

Oh, and I talked to Byron on the phone today and he's doing a lot better. Thanks be to God! Pretty crazy stuff.

I'm out. Have a good one, ladies and gentlemen.

But if I can't break the spell who could?
~Number One Fan


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