Saturday, February 19, 2005

Oh, Kids

I just got back from a dreary, cold 'n rainy weekend @ Camp Chyrsalis. It really was fun, I just hate this weather. . .that is, when I have to be outside in it. I have one story to share that happened on the way back when we stopped for dinner. One of my 5th grade boys was talking about the hamburgers at The County Line restaurant and how they are "sweet"--meaning sugary sweet. Then another 5th grade boy, sitting across from me, replied, "Yeah, the hamburgers at The Yellow Rose (*at this Lauren shoots him a confused look, for reasons to be explained later to those of you who are clueless as to what The Yellow Rose actually is) are really sweet, too. I haven't been there, but I heard it on the radio. Have you been there, Lauren? Why is your face red? Why are you laughing so hard? WHAT IS THE YELLOW ROSE??"

Oh my gosh, guys, I about lost it right there. I couldn't swallow my food, I was laughing so hard. Our adult male sponsor was laughing, too (though not nearly as hard as I was) and said, "Uh, ask your dad later." which made me laugh even harder.

My friends, introducing The Yellow Rose: a gentleman's club (why do they call them that? I don't think 'gentleman' is the word I would choose, but who asked me. . .) that apparently serves pretty dang good food. And my innocent 5th grader is a keen listener, for I have heard the exact same radio commercial advertising their "sweet hamburgers." Oh my goodness, I still crack up laughing picturing the innocence on his face. He said it like he really wanted to go there, guys. And how would he actually know what type of a place that is, anyway? All I can say is, they've got their advertising up to speed if 5th graders are interested in their place. Makes me sad.

But you gotta admit, it's hilarious when a kid says it. Reminds me of the time I was walking with my youth director and another sponsor around a neighborhood in Arlington on a scavenger hunt. We had passed by a house that had a lot of cats out front, and I wanted to go back to it. So I said, "C'mon, guys, let's go back to the cathouse!" And I wondered why they got red in the face from laughing just as I did earlier. . .funny how I'm in their position now. LOL

Another thing from this weekend: we had a scavenger hunt and the kids were asked Bible trivia questions. Well, one question my group got (they were meant to be hard) was On what mountain did King Saul die? (I think) and one girl whispers loudly to the group, "Guys, it's Mount Rushmore! It's gotta be Mount Rushmore!" Another girl snaps back, "No, Mount Rushmore is in the New Testament--this is in the Old!"

Oh, kids. . .

Father of Lights, You delight in Your children.
~camp song


Blogger Roller Queen said...


Yeah, I love getting calls from you and Court. Especially when Courtney feels the need to ask me dirty questions.

Talk to you soon! I love you!

9:21 PM  
Blogger Roller Queen said...

dad needs to stop talking to you so I can talk to you.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Roller Queen said...

There really needs to be some updation on this thing.

Bye Sissy!

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