Saturday, February 12, 2005

Off Schedule


Lock-in last night. I came home at 9:30 am and slept til now (5:30 pm). Leah's here and I'm so glad she was able to come!! Sometimes I didn't even remember she was around--she just hung out with the group and when I'd see her I'd do a double take sometimes, like, "what's my sister doing down here in Austin?" ha ha The lock-in was super fun, though--I think it was a success.

I think God totally had me meet a few people this weekend for a reason. The Life!Worship team played at the lock-in, and I had the fortunate chance of hanging out with them and WOW. Such cool kids. I totally felt like I'd known them since childhood within the first few minutes of hanging out with them. Yep, they're just that cool. I feel like I have such a connection with Shelley--like we're going to be close friends. And my new buddy Nate introduced me to some cool new bands (well, new to me). . .so yay! I'm always up for good music. Their travelling lifestyle made me miss college and the freedom of taking a year off and travelling. . .granted, I guess you can't really miss it when you never actually did it yourself, but my summers consisted of a lot of that "sleeping on floors with the same group of people" stuff, so I can kinda connect. They gave me a boost--spiritually and emotionally. I'm so sad they're leaving, but hey--it gives me another excuse to head to Wisconsin! I'm starting to think I'm part cheesehead because I'm drawn to Wisconsinites all the time.

My vacuum cleaner smells like burning. Sad! It's really gross.

Okay, off to shower and then hang out with my new buddies one last time before they leave! :( Have a good day, kids.

All that I know is how I can hold on.
All that you see is how I let go.


Anonymous Annie said...

Lauren!! its annie! im so bummbed i didn't get to come to the lock-in! sounds like it was a lot of have to tell me all about it tomorrow at church!

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

Yeah, that vacuum cleaner smelled almost as bad as that chicken in your trash can! : )

4:34 PM  

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