Saturday, January 22, 2005

Weekend Fun

I had a great weekend!

Yesterday, I hung out with Miriam and her family at the outlets. It's hilarious how Mium can coax me into buying things. I've learned that if I'm going shopping with Miriam (especially at the outlets), I'd better be prepared to spend more than I expect because she always finds something that she can't live without me having. :) It's so funny. And it's so cool that I have a friend who loves dressing me as much as she does dressing herself. She loves to find cute dresses and fun outfits that are "very Lauren." I bought a cute sweater. And J-Lo sunglasses. . .yeah, I'm love the (fake $10) bling-bling.

Then I hung out with Court and her new guy. He's very nice, and totally into Court (he bought her a DVD player today while we were shopping--random?! just for the heck of it, too!) It's so special to see a guy being so into her. . .makes me smile. :)

Tonight was youth group and we had tons of fun, as usual. My kids are absolutely hilarious and they're smart, too. They have their heads on straight and they know God. I'm blessed to spend time with them.

Goodnight, sleep tight!

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. --Maori proverb


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love you. And me? a good writer? I am thoroughly impressed with your way with words. I'm jealous!

I just sent you an emaiiiiillll. Check it, yo.

I need some sleep. Goodnight!

-Little sissy

8:18 PM  

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