Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Just had dinner with a friend from 7th grade! Wow, it's crazy how we've "grown up" and how we're still growing up. She's one of my favorite people to talk to about this time in our lives. We agreed that up until now, everything in life has moved on a fairly universal scale. Elementary school--7 years. Then it's junior high--wow, we're moving up and getting older! For us, 3 years. Then, the move to high school--it's official--you're driving, you're going on dates, you're gaining independence, you're cool. 4 years. Life changes and we move on to college where our hearts and minds are forever touched and molded in ways that we never saw coming--4 years.

And then what?

Post-college--?? The questions are numerous: How long am I here for? What is my purpose? What's next? Am I even making a difference? Sure, I have a job and I'm "one of the lucky ones," but man. . .isn't there a next step? Isn't there another spot on the timeline of life for me to look to, to gauge my progress with?


I wonder where the timeline is. . .when in reality, from here on out, it's completely up to me. I can be here for as long as I want. I can move on tomorrow if I really want to. There's nothing stopping me.

And yet I still form my own timeline. I still have it in the back of my head. And I guess the rest of my life I will wonder what the next step is. I'm glad I recognize this tendency in myself now so that I can at least make a better effort to enjoy what's right now. Because someday I will look back and think, "Man, why didn't I enjoy being 23 instead of constantly looking for what was next?"

Remember to breathe
And everything will be okay.


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