Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Numero Uno

Okay, so my profile is really long. If you're reading this, it probably doesn't surprise you at all that even my profile is long-winded. ;)

So I've had a "private blog" for quite some time now, and since I've been having so much fun reading others' blogs, I'm thinking it'd be fun to put one out there in cyberspace for you to read. Yes, you.

I saw the movie In Good Company this weekend with my sister. . .I wasn't a huge fan of the movie itself, but the soundtrack ranks up there with Garden State's in my mind. Check it out. A bunch of Iron & Wine and Damien Rice. . .not much could be better in my mind at this point in life. I've always been a fan of the mellow acoustic stuff, but lately I've really been into it.

I was treated to lunch by a wonderful person today. :) I've missed being around him! I can't describe what it's like to sit with him and just know I'm known. I'm understood. I'm comfortable. I'm me. Thank You, God, for healing and friendship.

I'm participating in a Stress Reduction Clinic for 8 weeks. It's very cool--I'm feeling very in touch with my body and learning ways to reduce my stress. Not that I'm extremely stressed out right now, but I definitely have the potential to be. . .and I want to avoid that at all costs. The people in this clinic are from all walks of life. Like BSF (a Bible Study I'm in), I'm enjoying meeting new people from all over Austin.

It's time for a shout-out: to my sister because she's just so awesome. She was here this weekend and it was super fun!! And she's absolutely wonderful and a huge blessing in my life. I can't wait until she moves down here this summer!

Oooh, I think I'll give a shout-out once a week, or each post, or something. That'd be cool, huh?
I'm such a nerd. And who says "shout-out" anymore, anyway? Oh, right, this is coming from the girl who wishes she could pimp her ride with subwoofers and spinning rims. . .

There's still a little bit of your song in my ear. There's still a little bit of your words I long to hear.
~Damien Rice


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