Thursday, January 27, 2005

If, Masks, and Margaritas

I have a book of questions called If. . .Questions for the Soul that a dear friend gave me for my birthday and I decided that it'd be fun to use them as starting points for blog entries. So I will answer one question tonight.

Okay. . .here's the question of the day:
If there was one thing that you do consistently in order
to be accepted by others, what would you say it was?

Goodness. I think I agree with people and compromise what I really think in order for others to like me, think I'm 'cool,' whatever. Sometimes I'll just agree with something someone else says and inside I'm thinking, "I don't really agree with this idea, but I want them to like me." Isn't that stupid? Or if I'm talking about something I'm morally against or a behavior I just don't think is necessarily positive, and I get a response that differs from my personal opinion, I'll compromise and say, "Yeah, I think that's true" or something. I'm getting better about it--I'm getting to the point where I'll now say, "Yeah, I see that, but. . ."

Today I spent time with a fabulous girl who makes me laugh a lot!! She's precious and so much fun. And we discovered that Wal Mart sells those scary masks that robbers wear--you know, the ones that have holes cut out for the eyes and mouth (just in case you're hungry while you're in disguise: with these babies you can totally grab a snack and still keep the enemies guessing your identity)!! Freaky.

And tonight I enjoyed a much-deserved margarita night out with youth minister friends. YESSS! It's so fun to have friends from TLU who work here in Austin. And I bet you can tell it was a wild 'n crazy night--I'm home at 11 pm and ready for bed! :) ha ha What can I say--I had a long day. . .

How could such a King
Shine His light on me
And make everything beautiful again?
--David Crowder


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