Monday, January 31, 2005

The Eleventh Hour

My friend Taryn is leaving for Holden Village tomorrow. She's going to be a volunteer for a couple of months and I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to go to Holden and experience it. Someday I hopefully will. Anyway, she and I are playing phone tag and can't seem to get a hold of each other. So I hope I get to have a "last chat" with her before she heads up north and into the world of no cell phones and no internet. The only way you can communicate with someone who's at Holden is through written letter! Isn't that crazy?. . .but also strangely inviting? For me it definitely is. We should all write "real" letters more often, I think. I say this, and I'm a HUGE e-mail girl. But still. . .wouldn't it be nice if we took the time to write more often? I used to love it whenever I got a letter in the mail--and when I was younger, that was the way to keep in touch with friends from camp, etc.

I rented the movie Thirteen this weekend and whoah. . .that's some scary/crazy/intense stuff. Parts of it hurt to watch, and yet I identified with the girls at times--trying so desperately to fit in, etc. Wow.

So I have a "trendy new hairstyle" (or so I've been told). I got red highlights and I really like 'em. . .it's definitely different, but not too different. I had several people at church tell me they didn't recognize me at first. ha ha! Maybe I'll post a picture soon.

I'm boring tonight! My apologies to you, reader.

Here's a recent reflection of mine on some lyrics penned by one of my favorite bands in the world, Jars of Clay:

Rescue me from hanging on this line
I won't give up on giving you a chance to blow my mind
Let the eleventh hour quickly pass me by
I'll find you when I think I'm out of time

These lyrics really hit me the other night as I was driving home. I think I've been holding on too tightly to my life and not giving God the chance to blow my mind!! And the last line rings true for me, as well--I find God just when I think I'm out of time. I've been thinking I'm out of time in several aspects of my life. . .and that's just plain silly. I'm never out of time when it comes to what God is doing. . .never. But sometimes when I think I'm out of time (or think I'm in control of a certain situation, or completely forget that God is working), that's when God shows up out of the blue. And the places He's taken me, the people He's brought to me, the circumstances He's orchestrated. . .He definitely blows my mind. Thank You, God.

Take the place of my heart,
till I become a stranger to my life.
I've been down without you, wrong without your love.
In time will I be what you're thinking of?


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