Friday, January 28, 2005

10 Things. . .

Facts About Me That (Sometimes) Surprise People:
1) I was a dancer for 10 years and at one point in life was certain I was going to Juilliard to be a ballerina on Broadway (*sigh* just visiting the website makes my dreams resurface). If I have any regrets in life, it's that I quit dancing.
2) I love rap and hip hop music. In fact, if you catch me at any point in my car, I'm probably listening to hip hop with the bass up really loud. My current cell phone ringer is set to "Gigalo" by R. Kelly. That's right, I'm a gangsta. :)
3) I have never been intoxicated (read: drunk) by alcohol. And I don't plan to be anytime soon. And I consider myself a pretty dang fun person, if I do say so myself. ;)
4) Though I pledge to be a huge Lord of the Rings fan, I still have yet to see the third and final movie. What a dork! Anyone wanna watch it with me?
5) I used to be a cheerleader (sometimes this surprises people, sometimes it doesn't at all. . .), but I couldn't tumble worth anything. And at that age, I wasn't getting along with the other girls on the squad and I totally ditched my real friends (fellow band nerds, a clan of which I'm now proud to be associated with) for the mostly fake friendships I developed in cheerleading. What a mistake and a hard lesson to learn from. Thanks to my friends who knew the real me--and forgave me!
6) I've always had this inner desire to totally change my wardrobe. Sometimes I want to be Miss Trendy and be one of those girls who never wears jeans and always looks like she's on the cover of a magazine. . .but most of the time I wish I could get away with wearing cords and thrift store t-shirts all the time. But alas, I am 23 years old and a "professional". . .so I settle for thrift store clothes on weekends and cute clubbin' outfits for nights out. . .whenever those are. . .ha ha
7) When my sister was born and I found out she had blue eyes and blonde hair, I told my parents I was going to run away because I thought my sister would be prettier than me! ha ha. . .I'd say we both turned out to be pretty cute, though. :)
8) Due to my dancing history, I love to put together dances/musical numbers for an audience. My siblings and I, under my direction, would put on a Christmas program for our parents every year. . .and nowadays we get out the home videos of these programs and end up rolling on the floor from laughter. Good times.
9) In relation to #8, I was an extremely bossy oldest child (like #5, sometimes this surprises people, sometimes it doesn't at all. . .). I was mean. My apologies to B, L, & B for being hard to live with at times.
10) I'm a very curious person. Annoyingly curious. If I have the opportunity and don't think I'll get caught, I have been known to look at or read something that is none of my business. But don't worry--I probably haven't done it to you. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're coming up this weekend, correct?

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and I knew ALL of that. : ) [Especially numbers 7, 8, and 9]

10:35 AM  

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